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The company Campisi specializes in fish products and in recent years has expanded its production to cherry tomato sauces, varieties present in nearby Pachino.

Campisi family farm was born in 1854 in Marzamemi (SR), in a small village full of traditions related to fish processing. Having been tied to the sea for over a century, Salvatore Campisi produces and transforms a vast range of fish products from Tuna Rosso, Pescespada, Ricciole to the finest bottarga, mosciame (tuna ham) to the refinement of the fish in pest and paté.

The use of ancient techniques dating back to the Arab period, matured over time in the small village of Marzamemi, drying and seasoning the tuna products, in a particularly suitable climatic band, made Salvatore Campisi worthy of being considered one of the The last connoisseurs of traditions now extinct worthy of protection and recognition.

But it is not to be forgotten that Marzamemi is located in the municipality of Pachino: the company Campisi has in recent years been dedicated to the processing and processing of vegetable products, first of all the red gold of Pachino, the "Pachino IGP tomato" , Known in the world for its infinite sweetness. One of the most successful products is tomato sauce in chopped or cherry quality.

Conscious of the living of the fruits of land and sea, the company respects the territory by providing for the production of guaranteed and controlled origin products such as Pachino IGP Tomato or the use of fish caught exclusively in the oak and never Masculine, in the form of a healthy man-nature relationship.

The attentions to the identity of the territory combined with the control of all the processes of processing and the genuineness of the ingredients make Campisi a reality that marries the ancient flavors of Sicily and the sea.

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Ingredients: Pachino I.G.P. cherry tomato, basil, onion, sea salt, sugar, celery.

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