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Andreassi oil mill every year, between the end of October and the beginning of November, proposes the production of extra virgin olive oil "vintage", guaranteeing a product with a delicately fruity flavor, low acidity and especially tasty And richer than all those vitamins and those living oligo-elements that make the "seasoning" of extra virgin olive oil par excellence.

Andreassi's family-owned company produces exclusively extra virgin olive oil obtained by cold-drying (Sinolea method) with selected olives of Leccino, Gentile, Frantoio and Muraiolo varieties hand-picked by attentive and qualified producers. The oil, once worked, is then packaged.

Specialties of the company are the production of aromatized oils, obtained from the careful and wise harmonization of olive oil and some of the most tasty flavors of the best culinary tradition of our peninsula: Abruzzese pepper, rosemary, garlic, Basil and, finally, extra virgin olive oil citrus-lemon, ideal for seasoning salads, vegetables, meat and fish to the irons.

11,20 €

Extra virgin olive oil from the hills of Poggiofiorito, in the heart of Abruzzo.

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