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Lazzaris is a company born in the early '900, which mainly produces fruit mostarda, jams, and distinctive sweet-spicy sauces.

1900 - It is only in the early twentieth century which begins the story of Lazzaris and his mostarda.

Mixing sugar with quinces, candied fruit and mustard oil, Luigi Lazzaris, an intrepid pastry chef in Conegliano Veneto, experiences a salsa with scented notes that conquers all its customers.

His fame hardly extends until he reaches the great international culinary art exhibitions. As a personality worthy of note, this sweet-spicy taste was engraved in six gold medals, spreading the quality of the Lazzaris brand around the world.

From the Mostarda Veneta to that of Cremona and Mantova, from the Quince to the delicious fruit sauces to be combined with cheeses: a success of continuous research and innovation, new combinations and cutting-edge manufacturing in response to the modern market needs. But, first and foremost, a success stemming from quality in the choice of products, also coming from organic crops.

8,60 €

Small and sweet in its natural state, cherry is immersed in a sugar syrup to create a unique product ideal for a variety of culinary creations. Cherry cherries can be used to garnish sweets, drinks, cakes, and cheese chips.

4,29 €

Perfect for accompanying duck or chicken roast, game, fresh goat breeding and mozzarella.

4,29 €

Suitable for goat cheese, medium seasonal pecorino cheese, provolone and caciocavallo, roquefort and sweet gorgonzola. Perfect for giving verve to white meats.

4,29 €

Exquisite and original with porchetta, game, white or red meats.

4,00 €

Ideal with grana padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Piedmont cheese and drunk cheese, typical of Treviso.

4,29 €

A sauce that goes well with wild game, pork and wild boar, spicy gorgonzola, seasoned cheese and roquefort.

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4,29 €

Aromatic and soft. Intense and tasty, it suits everything. Good acidity with the provolone, interesting with roastbeef.

7,29 €

Candied fruit immersed in sugar syrup and mustard syrup; good on its own, delicious as dessert, useful for personalizing various culinary preparations.

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